For Additional Details Call Chamber of Commerce: (707) 961-6300
Antiques, collectibles, crafts, souvenirs, jewelry, boutiques, mini-malls, galleries, glass blowing, tattoos, jams, jellies, wines, micro-brews, smoked meats and fish, etc. For more information Call the Chamber of Commerce (707) 961-6300
Bird Watching
The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens has a bird watching hike once a month. Beaches, coastal trails and parklands are all beautiful and rewarding areas for bird watchers whether spending a few hours or a few days. For more information call (707) 961-6300
Whale Watching
November through April the whale migration is viewed from the rugged coastline. Catch a glimpse of a tail or a whale spouting from the headlands, your balcony or a whale watching boat out of Noyo Harbor. For more details call the Chamber of Commerce at (707) 961-6300
Noyo Harbor
Where the commercial sport fishing fleet anchor (also includes whale watching, coastal cruises, salmon fishing, crabbing, sea urchin industry, etc.). Home to the Coast Guard and many fine restaurants. Largest harbor between San Francisco and Eureka. For more information call (707) 961-6300
For Additional Details Call Chamber of Commerce: (707) 961-6300
Ecological Staircase
Journey back into time with a park ranger to witness the earth’s formations and how they were formed in each geological age and transition. For more information call (707) 961-6300
Historic Fort Bragg
Take a walking tour where once Union soldiers did sentry duty. Note the historic architecture that came soon after, when logging began and the fort was replaced by saloons and churches. For more information call (707) 961-6300
Anderson Valley Wine Country
A narrow winding road through a beautiful secluded valley of small world-class wineries. Stop and smell the roses and experience your favorite wines. For more information call (707) 961-6300
Redwood Excursion Train
Known to locals as the Skunk Train, this railroad is like no other in California. Started in 1885 as a logging railroad it now operates passenger trains through the Redwood Forest, along the Noyo River and over the Coastal Mountain Range. The “All Aboard!” call starts you on either a half day or a full day trip through natural beauty you won’t soon forget. For reservations, fares, and schedules call 1-866-457-5865
Party Boats/Ocean Fishing
These boats, all based out of Noyo Harbor, will take you out for any number of excursions. salmon, rockcod, albacore, ling cod, bottom fishing, crabbing, and sunset cruises with karaoke. For further information, and a list of the various boats available call the Fort Bragg Chamber of Commerce at (707) 961-6300
For Additional Details Call Chamber of Commerce: (707) 961-6300
Pygmy Forest
Trees one hundred years old are six to eight feet tall with a diameter the size of a quarter. The “soil” is grey and hard as cement. Nature’s natural bonsai. (707) 961-6300
Drive-Through Tree
Take a picture of your car and family in one of the few remaining Giant Redwood Trees. A majestic and unbelievable sight.
Live Arts
Choose from “Boo the Villain – Cheer the Hero” Footlighters, the Mendocino Performing Arts, Gloriana Opera Company, Symphony of the Redwoods, Hit and Run Comedy, The Big Band Sound, Opera Fresca, Rock or Jazz. For more information call (707) 961-6300
Glass Beach
What once was the town dump is now an attraction for both visitors and residents. A beach unlike any other you are likely to find, for this beach is covered in small, now smooth bits of colored glass. Tiny bits of glass, like those you might find in an aquarium, now fills the beach from one end to the other. You can walk for hours picking up different colors, and some have even been known to keep a couple of interesting pieces they find.
World Class Micro Brewery
The Brewery opened in 1988. We couldn’t be more proud of them. Our North Coast Brewery has been named One of the Ten Best Breweries in the World by the American Beer Association. Needless to say, no trip to Fort Bragg would be complete without sampling a little home brew and maybe catching a tour of the brewery itself (located right in the middle of town). For tasting and touring information call (707) 964-3400.
For Additional Details Call Chamber of Commerce: (707) 961-6300
Horse Back Riding
Want to take a horse back ride along the beach at sunset? Or meander through the woods at a cowpokes pace? How about a brisk trot through the foam on a beach while the waves crash right next to you? Ricochet Ridge Ranch in Fort Bragg can make all your horse-based dreams come true. The ranch offers both English and Western riding. Half hour to all day private rides, as well as scheduled half hour rides. What about a week-long riding vacation? Ricochet Ridge Ranch can set it all up for you. Call (707) 9645-PONY for further information and rates.
Train and Lumber Museum
In the middle of town, on the west side of Main Street, perched atop a small knoll sits a beautiful old Victorian home known as the Guest House Museum. Within the museum walls you will find display after display on local history, including logging, fishing, trains, and even pictures of those families who used to reside in our fair city many years ago. So take a step back through history and explore the birth of the largest town on the Mendocino Coast. For further information call (707) 964-8687.
Ever wondered what would happen if you surrounded people with natural beauty for years and then asked them to express it? We know what would happen… a small town only four miles long would be gifted with enough artisans to fill more than six galleries. And how would a small town go about celebrating those artisans? Why, it would hold parties on the First Friday of every month to open the new exhibits at all those local galleries. For more information contact the Fort Bragg Center for the Arts at (707) 964-0807.
Pudding Creek Trestle
The last remaining wooden train trestle of an era when logging trains ran along the shore, then inland along the Ten Mile River to pick up redwood logs for return to the Union Lumber Company mill. The tracks were torn up in 1954 and logging trucks continued to use the trestle to deliver logs to what is now Georgia Pacific. For more information call (707) 961-6300
Tidepools, Headlands, Secluded Beaches,
The state parks have miles of beaches and rock formations. With endless interest you could be spending many pleasurable hours studying the many and various colorful life forms along the shore and coastal inlets. For more information call the State Park Administration at (707) 937-5804.
For Additional Details Call Chamber of Commerce: (707) 961-6300
Kayaking and Canoeing
Want to take to the rivers and explore? What better way then in a kayak or canoe? Visit Noyo Harbor from the water level, explore the peaceful intertidal environment of Noyo River, paddle up Big River and picnic on a spot of beach, or brave the currents and paddle right into the ocean! See sights you can’t get to on foot and would never dream of from a car. Are you a novice to paddling around? No problem! Lessons and safety equipment are available (including wetsuits). The Coast offers two places for rentals. Noyo Pacific Outfitters in Noyo Harbor (707) 961-0559 and Catch A Canoe in Mendocino on Big River, call (707) 937-5804.